A Culjat Caribbean Cruise

For the last two years Elizabeth's mom, Bonnie, has planned a surprise trip for the family and their significant others. She tells us what days we need off work and what we need to pack, but she never tells us the destination. Last year we went to Universal Studios in Orlando and had an absolute blast. I wasn't sure how Bonnie would top last years trip, but she managed to raise the bar yet again.

Last year's trip to Universal Studios

This year we took a three day cruise through the Caribbean! But that wasn't the only surprise this time. Bonnie had also invited my mom, dad, and brothers! They were waiting for us when we showed up at the airport.

Surprise! The Poldbergs are coming too

All 11 of us were officially on the road to Miami! 

Warm weather here we come!

Mandatory plane selfie

This was my first cruise so I was excited to get on the ship and check things out. Our ship, The Enchantment of the Seas, isn't Royal Caribbean's biggest ship but it had everything you need. There were pools, hot tubs, a casino, bars, and even a night club.

Royal Caribbean's Enchantment of the Seas

Royal Caribbean's Enchantment of the Seas

Royal Caribbean's Enchantment of the Seas

I know I speak on behalf of the entire group when I say the best decision we made was purchasing the unlimited drink package. It was around $200 per person for all you can drink alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. The first night we saw a comedian and one of his jokes outlined our entire trip. "I love these three day cruises! You guys come on here and you huddle up and say 'we've got 72 hours to drink $4,000 worth of alcohol!' Man, you guys are here to get WASTED!" and that's what we did...

Cocktail anyone?

Our ship was scheduled to make two stops during our three days at sea. Our first stop was at Royal Caribbean's private island, CoCo Kay, and our second stop was supposed to be Nassau, but I'll elaborate more on that later.

We spent a gorgeous day at the beach in CoCo Kay. Our group rented a little Villa which was probably the second best decision we made all trip. We walked in the sand, swam in the ocean and sipped plenty of umbrella drinks.

CoCo Kay

Beautiful beach, beautiful gal. They go hand in hand

After we got back on the ship my Mom and Elizabeth thought it would be funny to sign my brother John and I up for the "International Sexiest Man of the Year," competition. There was some pretty tough competitors and a good panel of judges, but I managed to come out on top!

International Sexiest Man of the Year 2017. Don't tell People Magazine...

That next morning there was an announcement from the captain that said the winds were too strong and we weren't going to be able to port in Nassau. I think everyone was initially disappointed we weren't going to make it to the Bahamas, but there are worse places to be stuck than a cruise ship. We spent our second day at sea enjoying cocktails and watching football on the big screen. It was a lot of fun.

Family and football

I think the best part about the cruise was the amount of time we all got to spend together. No one had anywhere to be, no one had anything to do except sit down, relax and enjoy each others company. I shut off my phone for the entire three days and really enjoyed the disconnect from everything.

What a great trip!


What a trip! I don't think anyone had anything short of a blast. Once again I'd really like to thank Bonnie for putting together one hell of a trip! She planned and organized the entire thing by herself. I have a tough time planning trips for Elizabeth and I, I can't imagine adding nine more people into the mix. That lady deserves an award!