The Amazing Story of Elizabeth's Lost Sunglasses

Anyone who knows Elizabeth knows she is notorious for losing things. I'll admit it, she's gotten a LOT better, but she still misplaces things from time to time. While most people consider things long gone after a few minutes of searching, Elizabeth exhausts EVERY option in pursuit of her lost item. She's got multiple stories where she found something after days and even weeks of searching.

After our Virgin Atlantic flight landed in Dubai we made our way through immigration and all the way to the InterContinental Dubai Marina before Elizabeth realized she couldn't find her sunglasses. In a place as sunny as Dubai, sunglasses are the last thing you want to lose. Being the supportive boyfriend I am, I said "Welp! You're never going to see those again..."

I THOUGHT these glasses were long gone.

I THOUGHT these glasses were long gone.

Elizabeth figured she'd take a shot in the dark and fill out a lost item form on to the Dubai Airport website. We went the entire week and didn't hear anything back. Sure enough, after we got home she got an email requesting a photo to confirm they had the right sunglasses. After she confirmed they were the correct ones, they asked if she'd like come to the airport to pick them up. At this point we were back in the United States so picking them up at the airport wasn't an option.

Instead, they sent the sunglasses on a Virgin Atlantic flight back to London. Once they arrived in London, Elizabeth received a call from a Virgin Atlantic representative who told her they could just toss them on a plane to New York. So her sunglasses made it across the Atlantic. After they arrived in New York, the Delta agent called and offered to throw them on a flight to Detroit that continued on to Omaha. In the end their routing looked like this:

Sunglass Journey.gif

Her sunglasses traveled over 8,000 miles, across three different continents and arrived in Omaha for $0.00.

Saturday morning I took Elizabeth to the airport to pick up her package. We got home, opened it up, and there were her sunglasses!



I was convinced Elizabeth would never see her sunglasses again and she proved me wrong! Kudos to the Dubai Airport, Virgin Atlantic, and Delta for working together to coordinate their return. It goes to show, if you're willing to put in a little effort you can find almost anything!

Can you believe Elizabeth got her sunglasses back?! Crazy...