Exploring The Wilderness

Camp Klondike

What I love most about Missouri is it's subtle beauty. When most people think of Missouri no specific landscapes come to mind. If you've actually spent time there, you know there's a multitude of expansive lakes, beautiful rock formations, and rolling forests.

Klondike Park is a perfect example of that beauty. It's centered around an old limestone quarry, surrounded by rolling forests, and sits along the Missouri River.

Klondike Park limestone quarry

Klondike Park limestone quarry

We spent the majority of our weekend wandering the woods. Klondike Park has a handful of trail heads that branch off into the surrounding area. Some lead to scenic views of the river, while others mosey you up, down, and around the forests.

Missouri River

Missouri River

Like any normal hiker we ventured off the unbeaten path and blazed a few of our own trails.

We were also able to catch a glimpse of some wildlife. The most interesting of which were two turtles that actually looked like they were "getting it on." By the time I pulled out my camera we'd already spooked them and it was too late to capture the moment.

Matt almost stepped on this giant, black, snake I caught slithering into the distance.

And there were hawks constantly circling overhead.


I hadn't been on a good ol' fashioned hike since I visited South Dakota last summer. We had a great time exploring the outdoors and becoming one with the wilderness. I may have a future at National Geographic if I keep this up!