Horrible Luck

It’s safe to say I jinxed myself. I flew 36 times last year and didn’t experience a single cancellation, delay, or missed flight. If you travel with any regularity then you know this isn't the norm. I mentioned this stat to my Mom on our first trip of the year and as luck would have it, I've experienced at least one on every trip.

On our way home from the Culjat Caribbean cruise we had a delay in Miami that caused us to miss our connection in Atlanta. We were forced to overnight in Atlanta before returning to Omaha the following morning.

That feeling when you miss your flight home...

My trip to Barcelona just flat out got cancelled due to weather. And to top it all off, my flight from Dallas to Phoenix a couple of weeks ago was delayed five hours!

American Airlines really dropped the ball on my trip to Phoenix.

Our plane was late leaving Philadelphia so that pushed back our initial departure time two hours. After our plane finally landed in Dallas, then the real confusion ensued.  After everyone had boarded the plane there was an extended wait while the flight attendants tried to sort something out. I’m not sure what was going on, but we all had to deplane and reboard! Talk about a NIGHTMARE. When we got back on the plane for the second time, they were able to remove the person who caused the seating issue. We finally departed just after 1:50 AM and landed in Phoenix at 3:00 AM.

Talk about a long night...

Who else isn't having great luck to start the year?