How I Handled My First Credit Card Denial

Not good. I was HEATED about the entire situation to say the least. I spent 30 minutes on the phone with Citi discussing the denial of my application for their CitiBusiness/AAdvantage Platinum Select World MasterCard and I never got any concrete evidence why. I spoke with multiple agents and their supervisors and not one could provide me with a reason why my application was denied. "Sir you must wait for the letter in the mail which will arrive in 7-10 business days." 7-10 days, are you serious?!

Well It's been "7-10 business days" because I finally got my letter in the mail. Take a look.

Good call citi....NOT

I guess the reason I'm so worked up is because I literally do this for a living. I've worked at a bank for close to three years and I know exactly what they are looking for. I've paid every single bill in full, my credit score is in the high 700's, and I have absolutely no debt. None. I'm absolutely no risk to any bank. 


I'm pretty fed up with Citi right now. I never had any trouble getting approved for credit cards with American Express. I could honestly apply for their Business Platinum Card and get approved today and that's their HIGHEST level card. I hope Citi is happy with their decision because I'm done doing business with their flawed logic.

What's everyone else's take on Citi Bank?