How The Carry-On Can Streamline Your Entire Travel Experience

I believe the carry-on is the most undervalued service an airline offers. That small suitcase you can take on the plane with you could be the key to eliminating your travel woes and streamlining your entire experience.

My trusty Royals carry-on

I've been exclusively traveling with my carry-on for the last two years and it's made my life a breeze. I know what you're thinking "How the hell do I fit everything I need in there?!" Well the key is to pack light. Don't take 40 pairs of shoes, take two. Don't bring along 12 different outfits, bring a couple different outfit combinations. Plan what you're going to wear so you don't overpack. When you're not afraid to wear the same pair of pants two days in a row, you'll open yourself up to a whole new world of freedom!

This is all I packed for my 11 day trip to Los Angeles and Sydney

I think the best thing about carry-on travel is the amount of time it saves you at the airport. With the ability to check in online and access your boarding pass on your phone you'll never have to wait in line at the counter again. When you arrive at the airport all you have to do is head straight to security queue.

I also find a certain sense of security from having my things with me at all times. It's impossible to lose your luggage when it's constantly overhead. You're even more flexible with your travel plans too. If you miss your flight or want to make a last minute switch, you've got all of your things right there with you.

Base camp at the airport

The benefits of carry-on travel even continue after you land. No more waiting at the luggage carousel! Whether your getting to your destination or getting home from a trip there's nothing better than getting out of the airport and on to your destination. Waiting for you bags after a long flight can be an agonizing process.


If utilized property the carry-on could revolutionize your travel experience. If you can overcome the anxiety of under-packing then you'll open yourself up to a whole new world of travel freedom. No more lines at the check in counter, no more waiting for bags, no more lost luggage.

How many bags do you take on your trips?