Memorial Day Weekend in Seattle

I've finally settled on plans for Memorial Day weekend. Any time there's a long weekend off of work, I always get the urge to travel. With a limited supply of PTO you have to use your Holidays wisely. I was mulling around a couple of options, but Elizabeth and I settled on Seattle. She's never been and I the last time I was there I was in eighth grade!

Circa 2006

Circa 2006

Our tickets were definitely on the high side at $527 a piece. The cheapest tickets I've seen from Omaha to Seattle have only been $380 so it's a pretty expensive market in general.

After chatting with a few friends about the trip, we've assembled a small travel group! Our friends Colin and Anna are meeting us there from Los Angeles and Rachel will be joining us from Minneapolis.

I'm a firm believer in "The more, the merrier." I think the more people I can share travel with the better. It's so much fun to go to new places with people you enjoy being around! Elizabeth and I have visited Colin, Anna, and Rachel in their respective cities, but it'll be fun to get out on the road together.

What's your favorite thing to do in Seattle?