Mother Nature Calls Off My Barcelona Trip!

Well it looks like my weekend plans just opened up again! I was scheduled to fly from Omaha to Barcelona today via Newark, but Mother Nature had other ideas. Winter storm Niko is currently burying the Northeast portion of the United States in snow. Conditions are so bad it's lead to over 4,000 flight cancellations, one of which belonged to me.

Am I bummed out? Yeah. But at the end of the day there's really nothing I could've done differently.

Back to work this morning

United had one other routing that would've required 4 different connections with minimal time in between. As odd as it may sound I just don't think this trip was meant to be. On the bright side though it's time for me to plan another getaway! I've got two extra vacation days burning a whole in my pocket.

Where should I go?!?!