I Get to Take My First Real Business Trip

If you’ve read my small “About” section then you probably know that I spend the majority of my hours working as a Commercial Banker and not a travel blogger. Since I work for a local bank I hardly ever have to do any traveling. Instead, I spend the majority of my work days in my office or driving around town to visit clients.

A couple of months ago I got something in the mail about a continuing education class in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I know Cedar Rapids isn’t a hot spot destination by any means, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to take my first real business trip. I’ll be spending three days at Cedar Rapids Marriott learning all sorts of things for work in addition to writing a full review of the property for the blog.

Cedar Rapids Marriott.jpg

The thought of my first business trip makes me wonder how I’d feel about traveling if I had to do it for work all the time. Would I still enjoy it? Would I end up dreading it? Maybe dread is a little extreme, but I do think it would lose some of it’s magic. Sometimes I think it’s good to have distinct line between work and leisure travel.


I’m really excited for my first real business trip. I get a chance to hit the open road, improve upon my skills at work, and even get to write a hotel review in the process. Unless my career path takes a drastic change, I don’t think I’ll have to worry about traveling too much for work anytime soon.

Do you travel for work? How has it affected your outlook on travel?