Review: Delta Economy A350 Detroit to Beijing

Airline: Delta

Service: Economy

Aircraft: Airbus A350-900

Departure: Detroit, Michigan (DTW) 1:45 PM

Arrival: Beijing, China (PEK) 3:50 PM + 1 Day

Distance: 6,611 miles

I started planning my trip to Beijing when I saw some great Delta economy fares on their brand new A350. Round trip prices from Omaha (OMA) to Beijing (PEK), with one stop in Detroit (DTW), we're starting at $652. I managed to lower my final out of pocket expense to $577 per ticket with the help of a couple Delta gift cards. I'd say that's one hell of a deal considering I just paid $486 to fly to Fort Meyers, Florida this weekend...

Anyways, let's get into to the review. Our flight was scheduled to depart at 1:45 PM from gate A40. I dragged Elizabeth to the gate at least 90 minutes before our departure so I could try and get some good photos of our sleek A350.


Am I the only person who hates those little dots on the windows in Detroit? I know they probably provide a nice tint from the sun and help cut down on the heat, but they can ruin a good plane photo.

The boarding process began with those who needed extra assistance followed by passengers in Delta One and then premium economy. Elizabeth and I were technically in boarding group 3 but  by the time general boarding started it was all one big line anyways.

I managed to catch a quick glimpse of Delta's brand new suites before I was directed right into the main cabin. The economy cabin had a total of 226 seats in a 3-3-3 configuration. It also had also four lavatories located in between the two sections.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 8.56.31 PM.png

Elizabeth and I had assigned ourselves seats 44A & 44B. The aisle seat was occupied by another passenger so it made it a little inconvenient to get in and out as needed.


Waiting for us at our seats were pillows, blankets, and slippers. The pillow wasn't very comfortable and the blanket was light so I'd suggest brining your own if you plan on getting some sleep.


The seats themselves had individual air vents, lights, adjustable head rests, in-flight entertainment screens, tray tables and 110V outlets with a USB port.


As far as leg room goes, I still had a few inches to spare and I'm 6'3".


As the boarding process wound to a close and the cabin door was shut, the flight attendants passed out eye shades and headphones.


We had a short taxi to the runway and took off at 1:40 PM, five minutes ahead of schedule. The climb out was a little bumpy, but things smoothed out as we climbed above 10,000 feet. After we reached cruising altitude the flight attendants brought around bottled water and menus for the flight.


I thought it was neat that the bottom of the menu had a little timetable showing when each part of the service would take place. Meal service began with a hot towel followed by almonds and  snack mix.


Even though the hot towel was more like a hot towelette, I still thought it was a nice touch. Next up was the drink cart. The menu doesn't specify any wines it just says red or white. I chose the red wine but I didn't even bother asking what kind it was.


A few minutes later the meal cart made it to row 44 where we were able to choose our main course. I ordered the rosemary chicken breast with roasted red potatoes. It was served with a small salad, asian crab and seaweed appetizer, dinner roll, crackers, cheese and a brownie.


The meal itself was actually pretty tasty. The chicken wasn't terribly dry and I ate everything except the asian crab and seaweed appetizer. I wasn't a fan of the crab and I thought the seaweed tasted like, well, seaweed.

After our trays were cleared Elizabeth and I settled in to watch The Shape of Water. The airplane issued headphones didn't have the best sound quality so I found it a little tough to hear. I'd suggest brining your own if you're in economy.


Once we finished The Shape of Water Elizabeth and I were both feeling a little tired so we queued up American Made with Tom Cruise for some adrenaline pumping action.


Have I mentioned before how much I like Delta's inflight entertainment selection? I personally think they have one of the best in the sky.

About halfway through the movie it was time for the mid-flight snack. There were no choices, but they served a bruschetta flat bread pizza and a Magnum ice cream treat.


I thought the snack was delicious. I know the flat bread pizza doesn't look terribly appetizing in my photo, but it was really tasty and that Magnum ice cream treat was on point.

After the snack I made my way to the lavatory. All four lavatories were roughly the same size and we're pretty basic.


I made my way back to my seat and ended up dozing off for a few hours. Elizabeth woke me up as the pre-arrival meal was being rolled down the aisle. Since I was landing in China I decided I'd order the barbecue pork with rice noodles. It was served along side a vegetable salad, fresh fruit and a dinner roll.


I thought it was odd there were no breakfast options available, but the barbecue pork ended up being the best entree of the flight.

Our trays were cleared again and we began our final decent into Beijing. We touched down on a rainy afternoon at 3:15 PM, roughly 35 minutes ahead of schedule.



People always get worried about 12+ hour flights in economy, but I really don't think they're that bad. The seats had all of the essential amenities, the food was fine, and Delta's entertainment selection is always helps the time go by quickly. I'd definitely fly Delta's long haul economy again.

Have you flown Delta long haul economy before? What was it like?