Review: Delta One 777 Los Angeles to Sydney

Airline: Delta

Service: Delta One

Aircraft: Boeing 777-200

Departure: Los Angeles, California (LAX) 9:55 PM

Arrival: Sydney, Australia (SYD) 7:55 AM +2 Days

Distance: 7,488 miles


The day had finally arrived! I’d spent the majority of 2016 working on the details of this itinerary and now it was finally time to fly the crown jewel, Delta One.

Elizabeth and I arrived at the airport just after 6:00 PM for our 9:55 departure. Our Uber dropped us off in front of the Delta One check-in located in terminal 5. The lovely gals working the front desk made check-in a breeze and they even showed us around the small lounge located inside.

After we made it through security Elizabeth and I went up to the Delta Skyclub. We enjoyed a few snacks from the buffet and a couple glasses of wine while we waited for boarding to start.

We boarded almost immediately at 9:05. I’d assigned myself seat 4D and Elizabeth was seated just across the aisle from me in seat 3C. I kept going back and forth about whether to sit in the two middle seats or across the aisle from one another. The middle seats are closer together, but you face the opposite way so it’s tough to communicate during the flight without craning your neck all the way around. The aisle seats are a little farther apart, but you can basically look directly across at your aisle mate the whole flight.  I think the aisle seats ended up being a good choice.

Waiting for me at my seat were two pillows, a Westin Heavenly duvet, a Tumi amenity kit, noise-cancelling headphones, and slippers.

As most of you know the seats on Delta's 777-200's aren't the most high tech in the business. I thought the seats weren't completely worn out, but may have actually been a little on the stiff side if anything.

The footrest was plenty big for both of my feet whether I was reclining or sleeping.

The seat controls were definitely a little janky. Sometimes it took a few pushes and some gentle pressure to get them to work.

The worst part is that the TV screen closes into the divider. You aren't able to watch the safety video or any inflight entertainment during taxi, takeoff, and landing.

The flight attendants came by to hand out pajamas and pre departure beverages. Without hesitation I snagged a pair of XL pajamas and opted for a glass champagne.

After that they passed out menus for the flight. We we’re scheduled to have three meals during our 14-hour flight, but unfortunately I slept through the mid-flight snack so I’ll only be reviewing two out of the three.

The meal service started with piping hot towels. Funny story: I’d read more trip reports than I could count before I finally flew in my first premium cabin. Each time I read one I never took any stock in the hot towel service. Now that I’ve had a hot towel for myself, I REALLY enjoy them. They make your hands and face feel extremely clean and refreshed.

I started with the Salmon and Delta’s signature cocktail. I thought the salmon was salmon. Maybe it’s an acquired taste, but I think raw salmon kind of tastes like bologna.

The lovely flight attendant let me sample both starters so I got to try the beer onion soup and the salad with grapefruit. The soup was by far the better of the two. I thought the salad was really tart.

For my main course I chose the duo of chicken. The flight attendant working my aisle must’ve assumed I was a chicken guy because he gave the biggest leg they had. The chicken was very well prepared because it was both tender and juicy.

Then came the holy grail, the dessert cart. Just look at Elizabeth’s face as she’s eyeing down those sweet treats. I picked the ice cream sundae. They have all of the toppings right there so you can pick from chocolate syrup, caramel, & nuts. I had all three and boy was it tasty!

As for the entertainment selection, if you do any flying with Delta they offer the same entertainment system for both economy and business class passengers. There’s plenty to choose from and I think almost anyone can find something to enjoy. In an attempt to try and combat the jet lag I decided to watch Zoolander and Zoolander 2. It had been a long time since I saw the first one so it was nice to revisit Derek Zoolander and the gang before diving into the second one. I had a few corny laughs to myself during the flight.

As I mentioned above, I must’ve got a solid five or six hours of sleep because I snoozed right through the mid-flight snack. The seat and the bedding were perfectly comfortable, but this flight in particular was rather bumpy. It wasn’t the best sleep I’ve ever gotten, but it was enough to get me energized for my first day in Australia.

For breakfast I chose the banana nut pancakes. They were served with fresh fruit and a croissant (not pictured). The pancakes definitely tasted like they were a day old, but that’s nothing that a little maple syrup can’t fix.

As we made our final approach into Sydney I was able to catch some cool photos of the Australian Coast. One of my favorite parts about flying business/first class is definitely the photos you can get of the wing and the engine.

We touched down at Sydney Kingsford Smith at roughly 7:50 AM and had a quick taxi to our gate.


I thought Delta One was a great way to get to Australia. The seats aren’t the most innovative, but they have plenty of room and they lay flat which is most important. The Delta One service on this route was good and the food was tasty. Considering how hard it is to find award space in the Winter to Australia, I wouldn’t hesitate to fly Delta One again if I have the chance.

Have you flown Delta One before? If so, how did your experience compare to mine?