Review: Delta First Class (Domestic) 757 Minneapolis to Los Angeles

Airline: Delta

Service: First Class (Domestic)

Aircraft: Boeing 757-200

Departure: Minneapolis, Minnesota (MSP) 9:00 AM

Arrival: Los Angeles, California (LAX) 11:00 AM

Distance: 1,535 miles

Normally I don’t fly domestic first class due to the outrageous prices and pretty lackluster products. In this case I’d already booked my award ticket from Los Anglese (LAX) to Sydney (SYD), but I still needed one more positioning flight to get from Omaha (OMA) to LA. One-way fares from Omaha were relatively cheap if we connected in Minneapolis. Since this was the only ticket I was paying for out of pocket I decided to splurge. I won’t be reviewing the OMA to MSP segment since it was only long enough for Elizabeth and I to share a glass of orange juice.

Departing from Omaha

Elizabeth and I sharing a glass of OJ

Elizabeth and I were seated in 1A & 1B for our flight to Los Angeles. Like most frequent flyers would agree, there’s something special about being in seat 1A. Awaiting us were a Westin Heavenly blanket, a pillow, and Dasani water bottles. We were greeted by our flight attendant and offered a pre-departure beverage. Elizabeth and I both opted for the coffee.

Delta seats 1A & 1B

Westin Heavenly blanket & cheap domestic pillow

Coffee & airplane flights, one of my all time favorite combos

We watched the safety video as we began our pushback from the gate. As you can see the leg room was abundant in the bulkhead. Flight attendants then passed out headphones for the flight. I was pleasantly surprised not to see those cheap over the ear headphones. These Billboard headphones weren’t Bose quality by any means, but they served their purpose on this flight.

Plenty of room for my bony legs

Delta domestic first class headphones

Delta domestic first class headphones

As for the entertainment selection, almost all Delta flights offer the same selection of movies and TV shows whether you're in first or economy. I’m a big fan of documentaries so I decided to watch the Allen Iverson one. I was growing up around the same time AI was reaching the height of his popularity so a lot of his antics went unnoticed in my early years.

Note to self: There's a headphone jack in the armrest...

Since our flight departed at 9:00 AM we were scheduled to be served breakfast. Service began with a hot towel. They didn't distribute menus, but asked us whether we wanted the omelet or the oatmeal. I chose the omelet and Elizabeth chose the oatmeal. Elizabeth didn’t realize it at the time, but the oatmeal does come with sliced almonds on top. Since she can’t eat almonds due to a nut allergy I had to take one for the team and eat both dishes…

Nice warm towels

Delta domestic first class breakfast

Delta domestic first class breakfast

I thought the oatmeal was the better of the two options. The omelet was a little too buttery/salty for my liking but I still ate it for experimental purposes. Both dishes came with a nice fruit tray and a bagel.

Delta domestic first class breakfast

Delta domestic first class breakfast

After breakfast was served I continued to watch the rest of my Allen Iverson documentary. About an hour out of Los Angeles we were offed a selection from the snack basket. I went with a banana and a granola bar. Elizabeth had some pretzels and a bag of popcorn, I’ll let her photo speak for itself.

No, the iPhone wasn't a part of the snack basket

Elizabeth loves her popcorn!

We touched down at LAX just a tad bit ahead of schedule. My favorite part was taxiing past the Tom Bradley International Terminal. There are so many cool planes to see!

Traffic at Tom Bradley International Terminal


It was fun to give domestic first class a try. Was this flight enough to convince me to purchase it more often, probably not, but if you can find a cheap fare I don’t see why not.

What are your thoughts on domestic first class?