Rocky Mountain High: Whitewater Rafting

Rocky Mountain High

We booked our white water adventure through Performance Tours. They offer a variety of packages that fit just about every rafting need, as well as difficulty. You can book your tour from a variety of cities in Colorado including Breckenridge, Buena Vista, Royal Gorge and Idaho Springs.

Our tour started at the Buena Vista location and required a 15 minute bus ride to the Arkansas River. We chose the Browns Canyon Half Day tour. Performance Tours claims that it's the "Most popular raft trip in the country."

I was initially a little disappointed to learn we wouldn't be doing the toughest section of the river. My competitive nature wanted to take on Mother Nature at her finest, but it looked like that would have to wait for another day...

The Browns Canyon trip turned out to be the perfect combination of white water and scenic views. The more I paddled, the more I realized it may not be as fun on a harder section. We had tough areas of high water and rough rapids, but we weren't constantly paddling for our lives. There were nice breaks where we could float, jump in the water, and enjoy the beautiful Colorado landscape.


The Browns Canyon Half Day tour was a great experience. If you're looking for a four hour trip that's both challenging and relaxing I'd recommend this one. Performance Tours did a fantastic job accommodating our group and making sure we had a great time on the water.