FYI: Subway Doesn't Accept American Express

It seems like I've been writing a lot about American Express lately. They just sent me a thank you gift in the mail and I plan on getting a couple more of their cards to fund my "Great Western Excursion." Unfortunately their exceptional service doesn't extend to every merchant...

Today I went to Subway on my lunch break. "Would you like chips and a drink with that?" "No ma'am," I said, "I'll just take two chocolate chip cookies (who can resist their sweet temptation?)" Then I paid and walked away a happy camper, right?....WRONG! "Sorry sir we don't accept American Express here." After a long exhale I reached for my Citi AAdvantage Card and paid for my food.

How can one of the most successful fast food chains in America not accept one of the biggest credit card companies? It blows my mind...

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I've decided I'm personally boycotting Subway for this reason alone. If you don't take the card I want to earn points on, then I'm simply not doing business with you. Bottom line, end of story.

All In All

Maybe I'm still bitter over the whole ordeal, but how great would it be to earn Amex Membership Reward points for eating delicious subs and cookies? Am I the only one who thinks this is ridiculous? Get it together Subway!

Will you avoid eating at a place that won't accept your card?