Uber & The College World Series

I've been earning some extra money for my "Travel Fund" working at Lefty O'Tooles during the College World Series. If you've never been to Omaha during the College World Series than you haven't seen Omaha at it's peak. It's our city's crowing event and they make sure it gets bigger and better every year.

College World Series

College World Series

With all of these festivities parking downtown can be hectic and expensive. So being the innovate, traveling connoisseur that I am, decided to use Uber all week for rides to and from work. My house is only a few miles from the stadium so for me it makes compete sense. Round trip I usually end up paying around $12.00 so that alone is less than most parking fees. Plus I get picked up and dropped off right at the door so you can't beat the service.

I'm paying for every ride with my Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express so I can earn double Membership Reward points!

You can't beat 2x Membership Rewards Points & 2x the convenience for half of the cost. It's a no brainier.

Who else has been using Uber to go to the College World Series?