We Forgot The WHAT?!

Camp Klondike

If you've looked at my Klondike Park photo album, you may have realized something doesn't add up. Take a look at these two photos and see if you can figure it out...

Five people.

One tent.


We'd initially planned on bringing a five-person tent and a two-person tent, but we realized we forgot the two-person tent about 60 miles too late. I don't know what tent makers quantify as a "person" but I can assure you it's not 6'2", 6'4", and 6'6" tall.

My friends and I are not your average size campers so our sleeping arrangements were extra "cozy." We laid there every night, shoulder to shoulder, just like ducks in a row. I can honestly say I slept pretty well, but I'm sure if you asked Elizabeth or Brittnee they'd tell you otherwise.


Despite being down a tent we managed to make it through the weekend. Things were a little cramped at night, but you can't beat sleeping in close proximity with great friends!