What's Your Favorite City to Visit in Europe?

I'm currently in the middle of planning my next international trip for later this fall. I've been waiting on a few sign up bonuses to post to my American Airlines AAdvantage account, but after that I should have everything I need to book my trip. I'm just missing one minor detail... Where should I go?!

During the early stages of the planning process I came to a startling realization: for as much as I travel, I've only been to Europe TWICE! Two years ago Elizabeth and I visited Paris and later that same year my mother and I went to London. With 2018 drawing to a close, I think it's time for me to make a return trip to Europe.

If everything goes according to plan, Elizabeth and I will get to spend three days in the European city of our choosing. But which one do we choose? We've kicked around the idea of Rome, Vienna, Munich, and even Budapest, but there are too many good options.

Now here's where you guys come in: I want to know what your favorite city to visit in Europe is. Why did you like it? What should we do? Where should we eat? It's tough to narrow down such a broad area, but I've got faith in you!


I think it's safe to say that I haven't spent nearly enough time in Europe. I've already got a couple of options in mind, but I'm really interested to see what you guys think. Please comment below and help me get this trip booked!

What's your favorite city to visit in Europe? Why should I check it out?