You Can Find Me In St. Louie! (Nelly Voice)

Well it looks like I'm sticking to the concert-going-camper theme for another month. I'll be road tripping through the Show-Me state with my friends Matt, Austin, Brittany and girlfriend Elizabeth over Memorial Day weekend. We're heading to St. Louis to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and see Dave Matthew's Band. 

Hopefully our tent's a little bigger than the one we had at Coachella... 

I've driven through St. Louis before, but as a Royals fan couldn't bear the thought of staying in Cardinal country (kidding).

I think our concert is Sunday night, so hopefully we can squeeze in a trip to the arch at some point during the weekend.

Cheers to what should be a great Memorial Day weekend filled with cold beverages, great friends, and good music.

As always I can't wait to get back on the road an explore a new city!

Deric "Passenger" Poldberg